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At S3 power solution , our highly experienced team members are dedicated to the creation of innovative solutions based on your specific requirements and are prepared to design, construct and troubleshoot even the most complex installations. Since our reputation is based on customer satisfaction, we are committed to your project from conception through implementation and support. S3 Power’s network of contract Programmers, Integrators, panel builders and staff has the knowledge, skill, and proficiency to have designed, programmed, and commissioned state of the art process control systems for a large number of major industrial and commercial clients in the food processing, alternative fuel processing, chemical processing and multiple manufacturing processes. S3 Power Solution ensures that your order is ON-TIME, EVERYTIME!


Clients often inquire as to S3 Power Solution ability to attract and maintain such a skilled Electrical workforce while working in so many regions throughout the country. S3 Power Solution has developed a plan and Strategy which employs the highest of pre-qualifying skill set standards in the Electrical Industry. S3 Power Solution maintains a robust and strong core of Field Management, Supervision, and Journeymen Craft Labor Nationally.

Our recruitment efforts for staffing up larger scale projects or maintenance initiatives begin at the local level. All of our projects begin with addressing labor resource requirements in detail. Our resources may originate through our direct hire, seasonal hire, membership affiliations, or via select few pre- qualified technical craft labor network providers with whom we maintain close relations and stringent prequalification processes.

Much of S3 Power Solution success has come from the “S3 Power Solution Employee Referral Program”, where an employee on a S3 Power Solution project tells others about their experience working for S3 Power Solution. The S3 Power Solution database was created by means of employing over 400 craft labor nationally since 1988.


For a cost-effective and innovative lighting solution, our design and installation services include a variety of customized choices, with a wide range of Consultants and Designers. S3 Power Solution. has strived to be the lowest cost provider of quality lighting installations to our customers. S3 Power Solution is well positioned to offer customers complete turnkey services from design to installation as well as emergency maintenance.


  • Industrial and Warehouse Interior Lighting Solutions.
  • Hi-Bay LED Warehouse Lighting. (New & Retrofit Solutions)
  • Hi-Bay Fluorescent Lighting. (New & Retrofit Solutions)
  • High Intensity Discharge Lighting (H.I.D.) New & Retrofit Solutions.
  • Food & Beverage Industry Rated Lighting (GMP Compliant)
  • Oil & Gas Listed Lighting (XP, Oil, & Dust Tight)
  • Lighting Audits with Payback Analysis (ROI)


“S3 Power Solution strives to deliver the highest performing electrical construction & maintenance project delivery with the highest regard in safety and quality to its clients within schedule and for the best possible value."

At S3 Power Solution our goal is to provide customers with high-quality electrical, construction and maintenance services. S3 Power Solution accomplishes this goal by listening to customer’s needs and translating those needs into continuously improved products and services.

S3 Power Solution executive leadership is responsible for assuring the quality policy is understood, implemented, and maintained at all levels. This is accomplished through individual and group training of all employees. The above stated quality policy describes the intent of S3 Power Solution’s overall intentions and directions with regard to quality

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